The One Man Party?

So who am I exactly? Well, honestly and quite frankly, no one special. Just your average 20 30-something  joe living day by day and exploring what life has to offer.

I’ve always been curious about the world and at (many) times have no idea what’s going through my head! Regardless, I’m excited at what this life has to offer: from new technology down to the beans used in my starbucks iced coffee.

I’m also an avid martial artist with an amateur mixed martial arts record and have competed in a variety of arts. Collectively, I’ve trained over 10 years that includes boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, brazilian jiu-jitsu, san-shou and judo. It’s been rough on the body, that’s for sure!

Additionally, I’m a strong advocate and believer in personal finances and financial independence. I live frugally and am always trying to find ways to save and enhance my own lifestyle. If I can find a way to save, I will!

Why this blog?

I created this blog to share my experiences and document my journey with you! I’m a believer in giving back in way I can, and I hope this blog helps serve those who find the information useful (refer to the disclaimer). Venture along with me as I document my exploration of life, culture, sports, personal finances and your every day happenings. I’ll do my best to make you laugh, cry and feel all sorts of emotion! But as always, please let me know what you would like to read about. I’m all ears!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my wife, family and friends who have been there with me from the start. I’m forever grateful and and thankful. Without you, I couldn’t be where I am today.